Remote diagnosis system of new rural cooperative system in rural communities


  This system is the combination of remote diagnosis system (Internet, 3G network) and wireless mobile ecg monitoring system (3G network) in villages, communities and new rural areas. It can realize the diagnosis of ecg in hospitals and villages and communities and the networked case management of personal health care, and provide the electronic document interface to HIS system calls.

  1. It is applicable to the heart examination at provincial, municipal, county party committee centers, communities, towns, rural health clinics and other branches in China, so that patients can reach the experts for remote, rapid, timely and accurate examination and diagnosis without leaving their homes; Even patients in remote frontier areas can also achieve dynamic ecg data upload and report printing a series of operations;

  2. To truly benefit the country and the people and benefit the people, solve the problem of lack of professionals in towns and villages at the basic level, weak diagnosis level, and untimely examination and treatment, and realize the complementarity between large hospitals and basic level technology;

  3. This system is a welcome product of urban and new-type cooperative medical care, which helps the hospital to improve its social popularity and create considerable economic benefits.