Hospital ecg information management system


  This system can realize the in-hospital network case management, and support the latest 12-lead handheld electrocardiograph, dynamic cardiograph, dynamic blood pressure analyzer developed by our company, or other electrocardiogram machines (such as futian, optoelectronics, banjian, etc.) to be online.

  1. Realize functions of ecg examination and data upload/download in each department of the hospital;

  2. Provide the electronic document interface to HIS system calls, which can accept the clinical electronic application form, and the clinical doctor workstation can access the ecg report, realizing the examination and networking management of ecg in each department of the hospital;

  3, electrocardiogram operator does not need the ward, greatly reduced the staff working strength, more convenient, applicable, efficient, greatly improve the efficiency of the electrocardiogram, improved working environment and the hospital comprehensive management level, to build a complete electronic medical records of patients diagnosis and treatment information has laid a good foundation.

  3G mobile phone real-time unlimited ecg monitoring system

  3G mobile phone real-time wireless ecg monitoring system is a new intelligent ecg monitoring system which realizes ecg data transmission through bluetooth wireless technology.

  1. Use ecg acquisition terminal and smart phone as operating platform;

  2. It is composed of an independent ecg collecting terminal and a mobile phone receiving terminal. The real-time display, processing and storage of ecg is completed by the mobile phone, as well as the upload and download of ecg data;

  3. Remote ecg detection mobile phone realizes the combination of handheld, mobile, network, digital and wireless. It is extremely convenient to use and carry.