Ecg-5512g color screen digital 12-channel ECG machine

Content: 9 inch full keyboard Chinese pinyin wubi input

Pacemaker pulse recognition and automatic measurement/analysis function

Manual, automatic, rhythm, storage four working modes

Freezing function: 12 seconds ecg before and after freezing for playback printing

Automatic mode: review the ecg 10 seconds before printing, fast/save printing paper

Storage mode: do not print display parameters and diagnosis, and store ecg for playback

Ac/dc dual purpose, with a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery

Wide voltage is suitable for 75-265v, 50/60hz ac power supply

12 lead waveform display and 250 case storage (SD card expansion)

USB, RS232 communication interfaces (ECGNET ecg management software is optional)

USB host interface/bluetooth wireless interface, external USB disk and USB printer

Automatic/manual multiple working modes, support 210mm roll paper or 210mm fold paper