Ecg-5003b /G digital three-channel ECG machine

Content: main performance features

7 inch touch screen Chinese phonetic wubi input

Pacemaker pulse recognition and automatic measurement/analysis function

Manual, automatic, rhythm, storage four working modes

Freezing function: 12 seconds ecg before and after freezing for playback printing

Automatic mode: review the ecg 10 seconds before printing, fast/save printing paper

Storage mode: do not print display parameters and diagnosis, and store ecg for playback

Ac/dc dual purpose, built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Wide voltage is suitable for 75-265v, 50/60hz ac power supply

12 lead waveform display and 250 case storage (SD card expansion)

USB, RS232 communication interfaces (ECGNET ecg management software is optional)

USB host interface supports network transmission, external USB disk and USB printer