Dynamic ecg recorder-E


This model realizes the wireless 3G real-time transmission of static and dynamic ecg. It is a new product with powerful functions and perfect indicators, and has a powerful monitoring platform to serve patients. Clinical demonstration can help critical patients to obtain rescue time.

L recording mode: real-time 12 leads synchronous continuous leads: 2, 7, 9, 12 leads (optional)

L dynamic and static dual energy

L short range recording: 1000 long range recording: 24 hours

L weight of record box: 90g geometric size: 130mm x 65mm x 15mm

L recorder has the function of medical record management review and so on color screen display: 4 inches

Power supply: dc3.7v 0.5 (lithium battery)

L can record multiple 24-hour dynamic data of different patients

L wifi, USB, 3G

L doctors can access the terminal (patient) ecg and make diagnosis at any time

L patients can upload a 24-hour electrocardiogram wirelessly with one key

L GPRS real-time positioning function

L the simultaneous display function of the doctor-side (analysis center) and patient-side.